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Xiha connects the people of the world through a multilingual, cross-cultural exchange.

Simultaneous, real-time translation allows Xiha citizens to share travel tips, pictures, music, videos, games, knowledge and perspectives.

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Yuki commented profile of Elizabeth walls: "Nice."
Yuki commented on status update by Yuki: "Never had it. =/"
Looking for Mrs.right
vor 1 Minuten
Elizabeth walls commented profile of Elizabeth walls: "crosses, daggers, dogs, and hearts"
Sassy Kassy commented on status update by Yuki: "Do you like cheesecake"
kidcool52 commented profile of kidcool52: "Sup bro wat u  up to"
Elizabeth walls


vor 8 Minuten
Yuki und Elizabeth walls sind Freunde!
vor 20 Minuten
Cameron und Yuki sind Freunde!
vor 22 Minuten
Sassy Kassy commented profile of JULIAN FOUR 4: "Hi"

Abstimmung des Tages

Von Emilia

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1. Mein Königreich für die Prinzessin
2. Farm Frenzy 2
3. Tibor: Tale of a Kind Vampire
4. Wandering Willows
5. Strike Ball 3